What is the best online casino game to win money?

Online gambling is fun, and although there is a lot of adrenaline and excitement involved and the online casino games are beautifully designed, we want to win money online. We play for the main prize, and we dream of gambling with luxury life, white beaches, fast cars and cocktails online. To increase your chances in the online casino, it can help to choose the right online casino game. You can read here what the best online casino game is to win money.

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Before you choose one of the online casino games below, remember that it is important that you master an online casino game. For example, if you want to practice online slots, you can find a free spins no deposit casino where you get free spins without deposit. You can then gamble for free and therefore practice for free. Many online casinos offer free play money upon registration, which means you can play without betting money. Once you are ready to gamble online for real money, and thus win money online, you can start choosing an online casino game.

Online slots

The best way to win big amounts with online gambling is probably at online slot machines . Where many slots offer real money online , you can often practice on the same online slot machines without betting. In addition, you can often find a lot of variations in the video slots category, so that the variety is greater and it is therefore more fun to play on online slots. In addition, many online casinos offer casino bonuses around online slots, making it even cheaper to play on these slot machines. But there are a kind of slot machine where you can already get rich, and you can read more about that below.

Progressive jackpots

If we look at the largest amounts ever won in a casino, whether online or offline, the biggest prizes are in online casinos, and specifically at the progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are online slots that are connected to each other through a network, and (part of) each player’s bet goes to the jackpot. So the more online gamblers play on such a progressive jackpot, the faster the counter shoots up and the higher the amount comes out. In online casinos you often see a counter running at progressive jackpots that indicates the amount of the main prize. In the end there is an online gambler who takes the main prize, and he can often go home with a million prize.

Online poker

If you are not a fan of online slots and would prefer a bit more interaction, then you can look for it in online poker. Especially on specific poker sites you can often find huge tournaments, with many participants and high winnings. However, you must know how to play poker, because if you pay a hefty sum in registration and you are subsequently blown away from the poker table, it makes little sense. You can first play free poker at various free poker games that online casinos offer to practice. It’s not for nothing that the main prize at tournaments at such poker sites is that high – only the most crafty and experienced poker players take it off. But who knows, maybe you are that exception, that natural talent or that surprise and you drag a million prize away in front of thousands of other poker players, and you no longer have to work for the rest of your life.

Online roulette

As you have many participants in poker tournaments, you will not find an online roulette tournament very quickly. Interaction is, after all, with more players you can play an online roulettewe have not seen any tournaments with main prizes like online poker. There are also no progressive jackpots around online roulette, since you know what you will win if you bet a certain amount with a certain payout. If you want to earn a lot of money with online roulette you have to ensure that you spread your chances well and not too much money in one go on a result with a small chance and therefore a high payout bet. In addition, online roulette is above all the game of the long haul because, as mentioned, you have no progressive jackpots or large tournaments. But if you have an experienced player who can properly control his or her money, you can run away from the online roulette table with a nice amount.

Online blackjack

The same applies to online blackjack as online roulette. Since you are playing against the house and your winnings depend on your bet (and of course on the outcome of the cards) you can’t just take a million prize as is the case with online slots or online poker. But here too applies: do you have a long breath and do you know how to play the game? And besides, are you lucky by your side? Then it is possible that you will soon be able to put a nice amount in your pocket.

High roller casino

Forget everything said above about the various online casino games: if you really want to get rich, also with online casino games such as online blackjack or online roulette, you have to play for large amounts. And how do you play for high amounts? By betting large amounts! Many online casinos have VIP roomsor high roller casinos for online gamblers who prefer to play large amounts with high payouts. If you want to get rich at once with an apparently not so lucrative online casino game, then a high bet is the solution. But remember that betting a large amount also means that you can lose this amount: because of the house advantage online casinos have, that chance is even greater than winning a round. You must therefore have the budget to be able to take a beating, and not immediately be bankrupt if you have lost a large amount. You should only play as a high roller if you can! 


New to online poker – common beginner mistakes

One of the nicest online casino games is without a doubt online poker . And for those who want to play online poker for money there are numerous poker sites that you can go to. But if you are not yet that experienced with this classic online casino game, make sure that you have mastered all facets before you go all-in. These are the most common beginner mistakes in online poker, which makes gamblers lose a lot of money unnecessarily.

Forgot to practice

Through films, books, stories on the internet and also offers from online casinos, one can think that playing poker is a breeze. Players who are not yet familiar with the game read a manual online and think that they are ready for the real thing. But don’t forget that gambling with money is irreversible if you lose. Inexperienced online gamblers should first practice free online poker , where you get free casino money and thus play round after round without betting your own money, try out tactics and apply the rules and see them take effect in practice . 

Just as you will not play a football game if you have never trained, you should not play online poker for real money if you have not practiced with free gambling. Try to gain experience before you do online poker, otherwise you can lose a lot of money! Winning money online becomes a lot easier if you know what you are doing, and that applies to all casino games, but especially for online poker as you play against other, often crafty players and not against the house or a computer.

Bet (too) high

If you have practiced with free online poker and you are ready to play online poker for money , you can start gambling with money, but here too you can build up quietly. Why start throwing money right away if it is also instructive to learn to play online poker with a low stake? You can still have such good cards when dealt, further down the game you can be played away by more experienced players and then if you bet high, you immediately lose a lot of money.

If you still have to learn, it is mainly a matter of gaining practical experience by staying up in the game for as long as possible. If you thereby place a somewhat lower bet, a possible loss also does not matter and a possible profit is only nice. A common beginner’s mistake is that online gamblers who just come to look at online poker get euro or dollar signs in their eyes and start throwing money, and have to leave the online poker table before they know it.

Be (too) impatient

Being impatient is never good , whether it’s online gambling or anything else you do. Patience is a clean thing and almost a law in the online casino. Certainly if you play at an online poker table, experienced online poker players will notice if you can’t control your patience, and they will skimp on it in a devious manner, which will result in a loss on your side.

That is why it is important to bet low and stay so long in a game. Online poker is a long-term game, the last remaining player will be able to write down the total winnings. If you know how to train your patience, you will see that you will be able to take advantage of playing online poker in no time and will gradually see your winnings per game rise.

Be unfamiliar with the various online poker variations

As with online roulette variants such as French, European, American, and Mini-Roulette, online poker also has numerous variants. Poker is an old game that has moved all over the world and the game has changed somewhat in every culture, resulting in a wide collection of poker variants that are all attractive and challenging, from Pai Gow Poker to Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em , Jacks or Better and Five Card Draw. 

Just because the name ‘poker’ appears in these names, or because you can find the variations in the Online poker category in an online casino, does not mean that they are all the same. There are essential differences between each game, which you should be aware of before you start playing, because otherwise you might make mistakes out of ignorance or lack of experience that could cost you a lot. Therefore, only play the poker variants you are already familiar with , and if you want to try an online poker variation that is new to you, first play for free or start with a low bet.

Participating in too difficult tournaments

The biggest prizes you can win online in the online poker category can be won during tournaments . Many major online poker sites and poker software developers organize daily, weekly and monthly events in which hundreds, sometimes thousands, of online poker players (against payment of registration fees) can compete for the grand prize, which sometimes falls in the millions of euros. Partly because of this prize, it seems to be very attractive to play with, and it is of course a good way to gain practical experience, but always look carefully to see whether the benefits of gaining practical experience outweigh the disadvantages.

These disadvantages can be expressed in a high amount of registration fee, or because of the large field of participants the level can be so high that the chances of a possible profit are nil, so that your registration fee is already wasted money in advance. Still, shooting is not always wrong, and we certainly do not want to discourage you, but always think carefully about how far you can get before you play. Participating is not always more important than winning.


This way you win with little money in the online casino

Winning money with online gambling is the goal when it comes to gambling with money. Only entertainment is not enough: we want the main prize . Even with little money, you can still win if you take a smart approach.

Online casinos sometimes promise us golden mountains. Whether it’s jackpots with video slots, bonuses with online roulette or promotions with online blackjack: we can win great amounts. But the online casino software of online casinos is of course aimed at making a profit. If you want to win money in an online casino, you will always have to bet money. But if you are not that wide for a while, and you have to watch out for the little ones, while still wanting to win money, make sure you play according to these five golden tips :

Take advantage of online casino bonuses

Online casinos offer you different types of bonuses. This starts with registration: the welcome bonus is for all new members. There are loyalty bonuses for the more experienced players. For example, those bonuses come in the form of no deposit bonuses , free spins without depositor other ways to encourage online gambling. These promotions regularly have their conditions, but are not hot air. Take advantage of the benefits that online casinos offer you, free spins on an online fruit machine can also save you money. Every bonus, every perk, every step closer to a nice win is welcome, especially if you are short of cash. So even if you can only make a small deposit to receive a deposit bonus, it’s advisable. Who knows, you might get free spins on a progressive jackpot as a deposit bonus, and you can end up becoming a millionaire with a deposit of € 20!

Play on progressive jackpots

That brings us right to the second tip: progressive jackpots can save you a lot of money. You know that last year, in October, at an unnamed online casino there was a British soldier who played a round of less than a euro one night on the progressive jackpot Mega Moolah, and in one fell swoop € 15 million won, thereby setting a world record? Of course, these stories are legendary, and they are rare, but they show that you can win a lot with very little money. There are a lot of progressive jackpots, with titles like Starbust, Arabian Nights and the aforementioned Mega Moolah, and although these aforementioned games are mostly known for the millions of prizes they promise, it is better to play on a progressive jackpot in terms of price range there. just sit underneath. The chance of winning is slightly higher there. And say yourself, on a bet of € 1,

First play the game for free

In the case of many games, online casinos offer you the chance to first try out a game for free. This way you will become acquainted with the game, you can try out the rules and you can become familiar with everything that comes into play while playing. Certainly if you are a newer player, it is advisable to first go for free gambling in an online casino. For many online gamblers, playing free casino games may seem like something they don’t dare to take: they really want to make money in an online casino . But if you can practice for free, before you throw yourself into a game with the money that you already have to be careful with, it would be almost stupid not to take advantage of it. Especially when it comes to a card game such as online blackjack orOnline poker , which often has variants that differ on a few important points, first pays a few rounds for free. You play with money, but with free casino money, which represents no real value. This way you can simulate an online casino game and prepare yourself for the real thing.

Choose games with a low house advantage

All online casinos have a house advantage. Otherwise online casinos would not earn money. But not all online casino games have the same house advantage. Some games are very affordable to play because of a lower house advantage that has been created because of extra rules. For example, if you choose between European roulette and American roulette, you should always go for European roulette because there is only one 0 on the wheel. Bets with a high payout have a low chance, and therefore you better avoid those bets. In fact, everything in the online casino that makes you rich in one fell swoop, or at least fast, is better to avoid (except for progressive jackpots). The chance that you will succeed is very small.

Bet low amounts at a time (and avoid deployment strategies)

If you gamble online with a low budget then it is better to ensure that you spread that amount over multiple bets. As the famous Holland Casino game tip reads: spread your chances. So do not try to get rich all at once by betting the full amount on an attractive bet, but always bet low amounts on bets that you will not lose too much (but do not win too). You will see that you enjoy it more in the long term and that you have more left over. When it comes to betting money, many online gamblers try to use betting strategies. For years, these gamblers have been trying to lift online casinos by using a tactic with which they barely lose or, in particular, win, but Casino-Echt-Geld.nlhelps you from your dream. No single deployment strategy has proven that it worked, and if it has ever worked it is probably more a matter of luck than wisdom. So keep away from it, and if you want to give it a try, do so if you have a little more money.

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