Players always want to believe that there are magical ways that can somehow influence the outcome of the game. However, they must disappoint, because almost any of these methods is a myth. All results are completely random.

On the Internet there are sites that provide a huge amount of misinformation about slot machines. As a rule, it is published by people who are poorly versed in the topic, or who know about slot machines only by hearsay. Playing on slots can be not only fun, but also quite reasonable pastime. It is a mistake to assume that you can beat the machine thanks to simple recipes and well-known myths. Rather, you will get a big disappointment. First you need to understand how the slots really work.

The most popular myths about offline slot machines

Here is a list of the most common myths about offline slots on the Internet, as well as facts confirming that this is pure disinformation:

warm coins in the tray indicate that they have been in the machine for a long time, which means that it has “matured” for a large payout. Currently, virtually no coins or tokens are used. But even if they were used, then this cannot be true. In fact, the device heats up only due to the work of electronics and mechanics. So his temperature speaks exclusively about the time of his work, which in turn does not have any effect on the random number generator underlying the machine;

if you sit down at the slot machine that the user who just played on it for a long time, but did not win, just left, you will immediately break a major reward. Or vice versa: if the same slot gave out prizes several times in a row, then you should not play it further. This is not true. At the heart of each device is the RNG, which is not based on previous draws. So all previous wins and losses will not affect further results;

casino employees have information about which particular slots are ready to give out a big win. In licensed land-based casinos, this is not possible, since all slot machines have random number generators.

Popular myths about online slot machines

On the Internet you can also find myths about online slots. Here is a list of the most popular ones and rebuttals to them:

winnings are more real at certain hours of the day than at others. Of course, this is not true. An online casino does not have the ability to quickly and easily reprogram payout percentages in games, so the time of day and day of the week in no way affects the outcome of the game;

Better to play in real casinos. Online slots are a hoax. Another common misconception. You can win in online gaming machines, which is confirmed by real statistics. Moreover, the speed of the game in them is much higher, and this increases the likelihood of winning at a distance;

playing with a club card reduces the chances of winning. In fact, such a card is not able to affect a separate machine. It gives the player the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of online casinos;

the slots offered on the main page of the online casino are losing, therefore you cannot bet on them. On the contrary, the leading positions are usually occupied by precisely those models that most often allow you to receive rewards;

playing online is more profitable than offline. The work of any machine, both online and offline, is based on the same principle of generating winnings.


Ground and online slot machines are able to reward good winnings and provide a fun pastime. If you believe the common myths about slot machines – you can very quickly become disappointed in the game. It is worth remembering the main truth: neither the player nor the casino employee can influence the results of the game. Each machine works on the basis of a random number generator, and only it determines the time of issue and the size of the winnings. So you should not trust unverified information, it is better to study it and draw your own conclusions.

General instruction of the game, on virtual gaming video slots

Consider how to play slot machines.

A modern gaming machine consists of:

program code, the main element of which is a random number generator (RNG);

user interface: reels, control buttons, symbols and additional bonuses.

How do slot machines work?

All slot machines operate on the basis of the RNG. Is it a chip inside a ground slot or part of an online device program. It produces hundreds of random numbers every second. Random sequences determine the set of characters that are visible on the reels. Combinations are generated at the very moment when the player presses the start button.

Because of the RNG, there is no strategy for slot machines. You can only determine the limits of money and time spent on slots.

Slot machine interface

The slot machine interface consists of the following elements:

drums with symbols;

control buttons – with their help, a bet is made and the reels rotate;

Information windows show the state of the game account and the size of the winnings on the current back.

The interface depends on the manufacturer and model of the gaming machine. For example, slots for mobile devices are configured for touch screens and contain a minimum of buttons.

Prize lines or paylines pass through the reels. At the end of each turn, any symbols appear. Several identical images, once on the prize line, form a winning combination.

There are slots without prize lines. On them, the symbols line up sequentially on adjacent reels. Such machines are visible by the inscription on the screen: 243 (1024) ways to win.

Gameplay on the slot

The player only needs to determine the size of the bet and spin the reels. The total bet per spin is most often determined by one or more indicators from the list below:

denomination or coin value. Payments in the slot machine are carried out using in-game currency – coins or credits. One coin contains several credits;

number of prize lines. Typically, a user activates paylines in a gaming machine. The default is usually the maximum value;

a linear rate is coins or loans placed on one line.

Many slots offer to change only the total bet. Usually they have a fixed number of lines.

After determining the rate, the reels start. Most slot machines offer two buttons: Spin (or Start) and Autoplay. The first rotates the reels once. The second starts the auto-scroll mode – the drums rotate independently. The autogame mode is dangerous because it is not so easy to monitor the spent funds in it.

Symbols and payouts on slots

Slot machines form combinations of symbols. To get a win, you need to make several identical symbols on the so-called prize lines.

Prize lines – schemes indicated on the machine, combinations on which bring a win.

The average number of images on the reels is 10-13. Symbols can be divided into ordinary and special.

Ordinary symbols form combinations for which prizes are paid. Special – these are images with additional functions. These include:



bonus symbols.

“Wilds” replace other characters, complementing combinations that would not otherwise have been due to interruptions. Often, “wild” have win multipliers or behave in a special way. There are sticky characters that are fixed on the playing field. There are expanding ones that cover several cells or the entire drum. Thus, they give a better chance of winning.

Scatter is a symbol that pays a prize regardless of its location on the playing field. He does not have to drop out on the prize line. Most often, these images are awarded with free spins, spins and other bonuses.

Bonus symbols trigger additional games.

Calculation of winnings on the slot

Winning sequences are described in the payout table. The game screen necessarily contains a button or a link to it. The table shows a list of payouts or odds for certain combinations. It also indicates special symbols and bonuses.

Combinations are distributed on more expensive and cheaper. The prize for the most expensive can be many times higher than the bet made.

Each manufacturer creates its own scheme for calculating the winnings. The most common algorithm is to multiply the linear rate by the corresponding coefficient. Some manufacturers take as a basis the denomination or the level of the rate (like NetEnt). Many developers write in the prize table not coefficients, but immediately payments in loans at the corresponding rates.

Bonus games and risk game

Most modern slot machines offer bonus games. Bonus rounds can be free spins and spins. Interactive mini-games are also common.

Bonuses like pick-me offer to select several objects and get paid for it. Usually rounds are related to the theme of the slot. For example, bonus games in slots dedicated to Robin Hood often offer to shoot a few shots at a target.

A risk game is a game that allows you to double the prize per spin by 2 or more times. It is activated after each successful spin. The most common type of risk game is guessing the color and / or suit of the card. Many slots include a cash ladder type of risk game. It is a pyramid whose blocks blink rapidly. You need to have time to press the button at the moment when the block above the face value is highlighted. Then the user receives an increased win.

Other types of risk games include odd-even and red-black. In any case, the correct answer doubles the gain. Invalid – cancels the prize and returns to the main game.

Additional indicators

Additional indicators that may be useful to players are volatility and RTP.

Volatility characterizes how often and in what amounts prizes are awarded. Low-volatility slots are often awarded with small amounts. Usually winning a spin does not cover the bet. Highly volatile slots are rarely issued, but in large amounts. Winning almost always covers the costs.

Depending on what kind of volatility, the strategy for the slot is selected. It is important to choose such a bet size so as not to lose until you receive a large prize.

RTP is the percentage of theoretical return. He says how many percent of the amounts invested in the machine will then return to the players in the long run. RTP does not guarantee the return of a portion of funds to the user. This indicator characterizes only the total value – how much in general the funds will be returned on the slot machine.

However, the higher the percentage of return, the more likely it is to get a prize. Modern slot machines have an RTP of 92% or higher.

Usually volatility and RTP are mentioned in the reviews of slots, which are laid out on information portals. Some manufacturers indicate the percentage of return in the paytable.

Tips for beginners

Before you start playing in an online casino, pay attention to the instructions for using the site, there is also the opportunity not to immediately start a real game, but to try yourself in the demo version. The rules of the demo game are the same as in real, but they offer you to play not for real money. So it will turn out to get into the course of affairs and boldly proceed to the game for money.

After you feel that you are ready to win, study the process of withdrawing money, which systems cooperate with the site. After transferring money to your personal account, proceed to the game.


As already described, all online casinos are arranged on the basis of the RNG – random number generator, therefore, to develop some kind of action scheme that can lead to victory in most cases. Experienced players often from the height of one position stop the attention of beginners on the fact that in order to win, one does not need to be greedy. Of course, we are not talking about constantly high rates, frequent risks and simply squandering. Such rash behavior will not only not help to win, but, most likely, it will simply ruin the player, and it is unlikely that there will be a desire to bet again.

The point is that with small inserts it’s almost impossible to win big money, so you need to constantly increase the bet after the winnings. It’s best to double the bet, so some system will appear, and a certain system will be built in the beginner’s head.

Ability to stop

The second rule is a kind of continuation of the previous advice. Raising bets is good, but you also need to understand that earning money in online casinos cannot be the main source of income. When a person clearly establishes this idea in his head, it will be easier to reconcile with losses. One must be able to take pauses and not make sharply large bets after several successful games.

The right attitude

And of course, remember that in any business a person expects success if the person himself expects success. If before you sit down at the game, you ask yourself a question – am I ready to win, and in return get a negative answer, or are just not sure, then it is better to postpone the lesson a bit later.


Playing slot machines is simple and fun. Free demos help you get familiar with the working principles and features of the slots. Such versions are almost no different from paid slot machines.

Slot machines today are very diverse. You can pick up slots for every taste. Slot machines from NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming and other manufacturers will please you with nice graphics, jackpots, unusual gameplay and many bonus games. Slots from Novomatic, IGT, EGT will suit those who appreciate the traditional gameplay and high volatility.

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