Online Poker, Rules And Types Of Games

Poker is a kind of gambling, united by a common name and similar (with rare exceptions) in determining the seniority of winning combinations. Under the concept of “poker” is hidden several completely different games. Therefore, when a person tells you: “Hey, let’s go play poker” – this may be a completely different game than you used to think.

Types of Poker

Poker is divided into three main types:

Club poker – the game is between the players themselves, who are fighting with each other for a win.

Casino poker – a game is played between each individual player and a gambling house, and players do not compete between each other.

Video poker – a player collects poker combinations and receives winnings for them. However, his cards are not compared with the cards of other players, nor with the cards of a gambling house. This type of poker is somewhat reminiscent of solitaire, with the only difference being that the game is played for money on a slot machine.

Poker has its historical roots in the Old World – in the UK and France there were games similar to poker. Even the famous TARO cards are a distant relative of this game. However, the basic rules of poker were formed in America, when cowboys and gold miners began to while away their time in saloons throughout the territory of the current USA, Canada and Mexico. Later, the rules began to be unified and clarified, and when casinos appeared in America, poker took its stable position in them. And then the game spread to the whole world. Currently, poker is the most famous card game on the planet. Mainly due to numerous tournaments and championships, as well as television shows and feature films. Even James Bond in the latest film adaptation of Casino Royal does not play baccarat (as in the book of Jan Fleming), but poker. The game is largely a reflection of the spirit of the present. It symbolizes the struggle, rational approach, psychology and calculation. So even in some countries, certain types of poker are a sport.

General rules of the game

For almost all types of poker, some general rules are characteristic:

The game uses one deck of 52 cards. In variations of the game with the joker, 53 or 54 cards can be used, respectively. Some variations of club poker use 32 cards, but this is an exception to the general rule.

Combinations must be a maximum of five cards. Often it is from five cards, with the exception of three-card poker and some other varieties.

There is a seniority of combinations, where the older one wins over the younger one. There are exceptions, for example in the game Poker Omaha High-Low.

The seniority of suits in poker does not matter.

Players fight for the bank – a certain amount of money or chips played by them. In casino games, the casino money fund plays the role of a bank.

Card seniority ranges from deuce to ace, where ace is the highest card. In this case, an ace in some combinations can be considered as a unit.

Poker combinations

Empty is the youngest combination, where the comparison is simply on the highest card.

Ace King is the combination used in most casino games and is the youngest possible.

A pair is any pair of identical cards. For example, two triples or two aces.

Two pairs – any two pairs of identical cards. For example, two sixes and two ladies. Or two tens and two jacks.

Triple (three of the same type) – any three cards of the same rank. For example, three sevens or three kings.

Street – all five cards in order. For example, 8.9, T, J, Q – Street. Or A, 2,3,4,5 – Street (where A plays the role of unity).

Flash – all five cards of the same suit. For example, 3.7, T, K, A are all hearts – Street.

Fullhouse – three identical cards, plus two identical cards. For example, 5,5,5,9,9 – full house. Or 2,2,2, K, K is also a full house. At the same time, the seniority of the fullhouse is determined by the top three (the first fullhouse is on fives and nine older than on deuces and kings).

Four of a kind (four of this type) – any four identical cards. For example, 8,8,8,8 – square.

Straight flush is a combination that consists of five cards simultaneously, in order and one suit. For example, 5,6,7,8,9 are all peak.

Royal Flush is the highest combination in most poker games. It consists of five cards in order of the highest rank of the same suit. Namely – T, J, Q, K, A diamonds or cross, hearts, peak.

Poker is the highest combination in joker games. It consists of four identical cards and a joker, i.e., in fact, it is five identical cards. For example, 2,2,2,2, Joker – five deuces, poker on deuces.

Club poker

Club poker is a skill game. In addition to the good fortune, which is present in all gambling games, it is decided by mathematics, psychology and intuition. A player who is only familiar with the rules of the game has virtually no chance against an experienced opponent. Moreover, the less likely they are, the more hands they play with each other.

In such poker, a club or casino is not interested in winning or losing a player. The gambling house receives a commission from each bank (the sum of all bets of players played by them), or a fixed payment for the time spent in the game. Opponents to each other are the players themselves.

A classic poker game is a game in which each participant is dealt five cards and they try to beat each other through betting at the bank – showing an older combination at the showdown or forcing opponents to fold their cards. Also, each of the players at a certain point in the game can change any number of their cards to new ones once. You can watch this kind of poker only in old books and movies about cowboys and gold miners. But the most popular varieties in 21st century casinos are two games:

Texas Hold’em

In Texas Hold’em, each player receives only two cards at the beginning of the game. And the rest of the cards that are needed for the formation of poker combinations are laid out later by common to all players. There are five on the open card table. Two more cards for each active player. But despite the fact that the player has seven cards available, he must make a combination of only five.

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