We’ll talk about the basic blackjack strategy below, but for now we’ll talk about what other ways to win in this popular game exist. A very popular strategy is the classic doubling. After losing the con, the player doubles the bet – and so on until victory. And when you win, it immediately returns to the original bet amount. But here it is important to have enough money on hand, and also that there is no limit on the amount of the bet in the casino. The strategy is risky, but if these two conditions are met, it may well lead to a win.

Also, to win the game of blackjack, you can apply the approach “1-3-2-6”. It is based on an increase in rates with a successful outcome in the sequence indicated in the name. Winning the first time, you increase the bet three times, then after the next victory twice, and finally, after another good luck – six times. But every failure should return the player to the original bet amount.

You can also play chase. Before the game, you assign yourself a minimum and maximum rate. At a minimum, it is better to take one percent of the bank, and at a maximum – 10%. Start with a minimum. After winning – bet maximum. And so on until the first defeat, then all over again.

Basic strategy

The most common blackjack strategy that many players choose to spend an hour or more in online casinos is to simply follow the indicated rules of the game while always wanting to avoid losing the cards. In other words, the basic strategy is considered when a player who receives a dozen or more points passes in order not to risk running into ten points, because such a situation is very possible.

But there is a flip side to the coin. Using only the basic strategy when playing blackjack, you slightly lower your chances of winning. Say a few percent. More sophisticated blackjack players, and especially gamblers, usually use different tactics. There are also types of basic strategy when playing 21 on eight decks. There are options for four and six decks. But again, the general provisions of the strategy are approximately the same as when applying the strategy to one deck. The chances of a player holding cards with 12-16 points with an additional set are clearly small. Only in five cases out of 13 will an additional card not lead to an enumeration, but will improve the situation.

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